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Welcome to EFALOCK Professional Tools

EFALOCK Professional  based in Germany is one of the leading equipment and accessories producers and supplier of the international barber and beauty business world wide for more than 60 years.


Service Carts "Made in Germany" in a huge selection, of highest technical standard and in a variety of colours. This is the EFALOCK Professional brand with its wide range of available convenience accessories designed and manufactured for efficient and long-term use in salons and cosmetic studios.

A reasonably chosen assortment.

EFALOCK Professional offers an effective, slim yet reasonably chosen assortment of articles for the professional - the hair dresser and stylist - summarized in these sections:
- Service Carts
- Furniture
- Equipment
- Disposables
- Capes
- Combs & Brushes
- Scissors & Razors
- Electrical appliances
- Educational material

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Our distribution partners.

Customers of EFALOCK Professional are whole salers of the salon beauty business, who sell our products by doing competent and technically well-versed consultation.

Our customers are located around the world with focus on Western Europe.

Effective logistics and high product availability, quick delivery and professional handling towards the whole world are very much valued by our customers.

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Service with passion.

EFALOCK Professional not only delivers high quality products,
but also corresponding service with passion.

Always on eye level with the customer, always competent, always quick and most of all solution minded.

You plan a promotion?
We assist you in making it real.

You need advertising material for your website?
Delivered in requested formats.

Try us - we love to help you.
With passion.

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Straight hair in seconds - through brushing only!


Doesn´t everybody need one? The ideal companion for your professional service in the salon!


Professional Performance Clipper with steel-titan-ceramic-cutting head

Strong stuff for cool guys: BARBER SPRAY BOTTLE JACK

The spray bottle in a stylish Whiskey bottle look