To ensure excellent sharpness and durability, Aristocut uses alloys of cobalt stainless steel, 440C stainless steel and forged Japan Premium steel. All of these alloys are among the most suitable scissor steels available and allow for the needed levels of hardness for professional hair scissors blades. The blades are convex shaped and hollow grounded - this allows for effortless razor sharp cutting. It takes about 150 steps to produce an Aristocut scissors from the blank material to the polished final scissors.


The ergonomic handle-shapes of our Aristocut hair scissors relieve your muscles and reduce the wear and tear leading to fatigue of your joints. To achieve the most relaxed cutting position possible, the ergonomics (= shape) of a pair of hair cutting scissors is very important. The ergonomic shapes decide on the relieve of muscles and prevent fatigue and tension. Even tendinitis can be avoided. Aristocut hair cutting scissors are available in four different handle shapes: Maximum ergonomical= Optimal and relaxed working posture. The 360-degree rotating thumb section allows you to make precise cuts at extreme angles and positions with these scissors. With a slightly different working position, the shoulder may remain straight with the elbow directed downwards. Offset (ergonomic)= When cutting, your shoulder remains straight and your wrist is noticeably relieved. Semi-offset (semi-ergonomic)= a compromise between a classic straight-shape and an ergonomic shape. Straight= probably the best-known and generally used handle shape.


Aristocut scissors are precision instruments of the highest quality. They should be handled and cared for. Clean the blades of your Aristocut scissors daily with a soft cloth. Please check the tension of your scissors regularly. All Aristocut scissors have a screw system that allows for a precise adjustment. Optimum tension ensures smooth opening and closing for a perfect cut. When properly adjusted, the blades should not slam when shutting but closing smoothly. Avoid contact of the blades with any metallic or other hard objects and do not cut anythingthing but hair. Always keep your Aristocut scissors closed in a dry and safe place.