Product information

The particularly powerful professional hairdryer from the ePRO series ensures super-fast drying results with its 2400 W and 20,000 rpm. The ion technology smoothes the hair structure, reduces frizz and conjures up great shine in the hair.


  • Powerful AC motor
  • Power: 2400 W
  • Ion technology for anti-frizz and shine
  • 2 heat settings and 3 speed settings
  • Cold air button to fix the styling
  • Overheati protection
  • Easy-to-clean, removable filter
  • Air flow rate: 30.1 l/sec.
  • Volume: 75 dB
  • Weight: 545 g
  • 3 m  professional cable
  • Mains operation: 220 - 240 V | 50 -60 Hz
  • Accessories: 2 ondulating nozzles (8 cm; 6.3 cm)
Delivery contents
Hair dryer ePRO intense, 2 ondolier nozzles, operating instructions
Manufacturer EFALOCK
Subcategory HAIR DRYER
Product number 14102485
Product name ePRO intense
Product designation Hair dryer
EAN 4025341517297
Technical information
Air flow rate (l/sec) 30,1 l/sek.
Air pressure (mbar) 49 m3/h
Air speed (km/h) 16 km/h
air speed settings 2
cold shot button ja
colour black
cord length (m) 3 m
cord type Mains cable
frequency range (Hz) 50-60 Hz
mains / battery operation Mains operation
motor AC motor
on/off switch ja
operating voltage (V) 220-240 V
overheating protection ja
power (W) 2400 W
revolutions/minute 20.000 U/min.
temperature levels 3
volume (dB) 75 dB
weight without cable (g) 545 g
with ion technology ja
Contents (pcs.) 1
weight 545 g
Usage manual

Usage manuals for download



▷ Place the power supply cord so that no one will trip over it. 

▷ Keep the power cord away from hot surfaces.

The ePRO hair dryer is ready for use by inserting the plug into the power outlet.

Switch on: Set the fan setting switch to the desired level (level I or II) and select the desired temperature setting (level I, II or III). At each of the temperature and speed settings, you can also press the cold button.

Turn off: Set the fan step switch to OFF - 0. Allow the unit to cool thoroughly after use.


▷ Before maintenance, turn off and unplug the unit.

▷ Clean only when cooled!

Cleaning the unit

Wipe the unit with a damp (not wet) cloth. Make sure that no liquid enters the inside of the housing. Then dry with a clean cloth.

Check the air intake grille regularly for dirt. If necessary: clean the air intake grille with a suitable brush or vacuum cleaner.


Make sure that the device is protected from dust and other environmental influences.

Spare parts

Use only original spare parts, which you can order from the EFALOCK service partner.

General warnings

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: ▷ All safety instructions should be read carefully before use. ▷ Before using the appliance, check that the setting of the appliance's Current of the unit matches the power outlet. When using electrical equipment - especially when children are in the vicinity - basic safety basic safety precautions must be observed. ▷ Intended use: This appliance is suitable for drying human hair only. ▷ The appliance is designed for indoor use only and has been developed for professional use in hairdressing salons. CAUTION. Electric shock: - Disconnect the power plug after using the device. - Keep the device away from moisture, water and other liquids. - Do not use the device in the bathtub, in the shower, over a sink filled with water, or with wet hands. - Do not immerse the device in water or other liquids. Do not touch a device that has come into contact with water - unplug it immediately. - The device must be disconnected from the mains for cleaning, care and maintenance. - Do not use the device if the connection cable is damaged. Disconnect the device from the mains immediately and inform the EFALOCK customer service. WARNING: Do not use this device near bathtubs, sinks or other vessels containing water. CAUTION. Ingestion of small parts: - Keep the device out of reach of children. Also keep the packaging material, such as foils, away from children. Property damage and personal injury: - Never leave the device unattended when it is switched on. Caring supervision is required, if the device is used with / for / or near children or disabled persons. - Do not misuse the device. - Do not use parts that are not recommended or sold by the vendor. - Keep the connecting cable away from hot surfaces. - Check the device frequently for damage, especially the cable and plug. If in doubt, have the device checked by an authorized repair shop. - If the device does not work properly, has been dropped, damaged or dropped into water, do not attempt to repair the device yourself, but take it to a service center. - Repairs may only be carried out by an authorized service center. - Never wrap the cable around the unit. - Do not cover the air inlet. Clean the air inlet regularly to protect the unit from overheating. The unit is equipped with a safety thermostat. In case of In the event of overheating (e.g. blocked air inlet), the unit switches off automatically. In this case, contact the customer service. - The unit generates heat during use. If you find the set temperature too hot, set the temperature lower. - Do not use hairspray while the unit is switched on. - Allow the device to cool down after use. NOTE! Persons (including children) who, because of their physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or their inexperience or lack of knowledge, are unable to use the appliance safely, should not use this appliance without supervision or instruction by a responsible person. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the device. NOTICE. For additional protection, it is recommended that a residual current device (RCD) with a tripping current rating of not more than 30 mA be installed in the bathroom circuit. Ask your installer for advice. DISPOSAL This appliance is labeled in accordance with Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). At the end of its life, this electrical appliance must not be disposed of in the residual waste garbage can, but must be handed over at a collection point for the recycling of electronic equipment. This also applies to electrical appliances that were last used in the non-professional sector, e.g. in trade or commerce. If a non-privately used electrical appliance has been refused by the responsible municipal waste collection, the corresponding waste advice center will provide information on environmentally friendly disposal. The symbol on the product, the operating instructions or the packaging indicates this. The materials are recyclable according to their labeling. The reuse, recycling or other forms of recovery of old appliances make an important contribution to protecting the environment.

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